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Catalog Overview

Cage Code 31461

All series are found in Catalog by Category/Part Number

Standard Circular Accessories

This series provides basic designs for non-shielded environmental circular adapters (A** Series) and for shielded, environmental and non-environmental circular adapters (E** Series). These standard designs originated from the military designs and meet the same stringent requirements as the military specifications. Two-piece designs are used if the cable entry exceeds the shell size.

For cases where a two-piece design is not specified, consult factory for design details. Tables for selecting the Order Number indexed to the standard connector codes are located adjacent to each design so that the adapter can be fully specified without the need to flip among various tables. Standard Modification Codes for the A' and E' Series are specified in each drawing. Nonstandard connector codes are presented in Engineering Support Data under Catalog by Category.

The standard A** Series adapters include designs for a shrink boot adapter and a low-profile, strain relief adapter. Designs for a shorting can and connector saver are also included.

The E** Series, shielded designs offer a wide variety of shielding termination options:

  • Single Ring
  • Dual Rings
  • Triple Rings
  • Single Cone Ring
  • Dual Bevel Rings
  • Enclosed Rings
  • Banded (Knurled Banding Surface)
  • Shield Sock
  • Lampbase Thread
  • RCG Spring
  • Crimp Ring
  • Magnaformed Ring with Shield Sock

Other custom terminations are available. Electro Adapter's EMP banded series with a grooved banded surface is specified in series 217, 265 & 271.

Standard Rectangular Accessories

This series presents standard adapters for D-Subminiature (Mil-DTL-24308), Micro-D Subminiature (Mil-DTL-83513) and ARINC (Mil-DTL-81659) connectors. Solid and split-shell designs are specified with various mounting screw and mounting screw retention options. These designs encompass straight, 90°, 45°, and 45°-offset configurations, single and dual entries, and oval banded terminations. The 90° configurations offer both side and face mounted entries. Consult factory for other designs, including magnaform and crimp-ring shield sock terminations.

Military Standard Accessories

This selection presents the Qualified Parts List (QPL) and other military standard accessories. Almost all of the AS85049 accessories are available, as well as, commercial equivalents for many of the military designs.

EMP Band Adapter / 217 Series Accessories

This series presents Electro Adapter's grooved banding surface adapter. This unique design was developed to meet Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) requirements but is used for a broad range of applications where superior shielding integrity is needed. Shrink boot, hex nut, and conduit thread options are specified for standard connector codes. Consult factory for design details on non standard connector codes.

Individually Banded Integrated Shielding System (IBISS) Accessories

This series presents the IBISS, repairable adapters. This design allows the grounding of individual wires inside the protected adapter housing together with an extemal overall shielding termination to provide the shielding effectiveness of soldered designs but with true repairability and greater ease of assembly. Dual termination #265 designs are specified in straight, 45°, and 90° configurations. This shielding system is also specified for Electro Adapter's split-shell, low profile 90° adapter. Separate drawings for the IBISS ferrules are provided to allow independent ordering of the ferrules if close matching of the cable-entry OD's is required.

Conduit Assemblies l Conduit Accessories

This series presents flexible metal and convoluted plastic tubing conduit assemblies in connectorto-connector, connector-to-conduit nut, and conduit nut-to-conduit nut configurations. The assemblies specified are manufactured to length and offer the following material options:

  • Conduit: Bronze, Stainless Steel, Black HCTE
  • Braid: Bronze, Stainless Steel, Tinned Copper
  • Jacket: Neoprene, Viton, EPDM

Consult factory for other, custom designs.

Termination Accessories l Banding Tools

This Product Group presents Electro Adapter's termination bands, shield splice bushings, banding tools, and miscellaneous termination accessories. The passivated, stainless steel bands have a unique buckle that maintains the tightness of the band under all vibration and thermal cycling conditions. The bands come in widths of 1/8 and 1/4 inch. Manual and electric banding tools are available with optional calibration tools and battery packs.

Special & Custom Accessories

This clickable section presents miscellaneous accessories such as adapters, bulkhead adapters, extenders, stain reliefs, external double-banded adapters, composite RGS designs, and special adapters for industrial automation applications. This section can also be used to maintain custom designs.

Engineering Support Data

This series contains support data for developing connector accessory designs including:

  • Standard Connector Codes/Military and Connector Manufacturer's Index
  • Table 4-Standard Finishes and Materials
  • Non-Standard Connector Codes
  • Connector Code/Military Standards Cross Reference
  • Torgue values


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