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Electro Adapter manufacturers a broad line of connector accessories, accessory banding systems, and conduit assemblies to meet the interconnection needs of aerospace, military, space, marine, transportation, industrial automation, and other high performance markets. These products are backed by over 30 years of experience and are incorporated in critical applications, worldwide.

Electro Adapter's standard products include:

  • Adapters, clamps, and special accessories for circular connectors in accordance with AS85049, United States Military QPL, European standards, and NATO specifications
  • Adapters, clamps, and special accessories for military and commercial circular connectors developed from Prime Contractor and OEM specifications
  • Accessories for military and commercial D-Sub, Micro-D, and ARINC rectangular connectors
  • Special accessories such as bulkhead adapters, extenders, connector savers, protective covers, shorting cans, and cable grip adapters
  • Custom conduit assemblies and accessories in a variety of materials
  • Accessory banding systems and banding tools

These standard accessories offer a wide selection of termination, strain relief, configuration, and sealing options.

Today, Electro Adapter leads the industry in developing the innovative designs that wiil become tomorrow's industry standards. We originate hundreds of unique designs each year to meet the industry's evolving needs in the areas of EMI/RFI/EMP shielding, weight reduction, space utilization, corrosion protection, sealing reliability, repairability, and shock and vibration integrity. Our in-house capabilities in plating, magnaforming, welding, brazing, machining and assembly support the rapid transition of these designs into technologically superior and cost etfective solutions

Recent product innovations include:

  • IBISS. This individually banded, integrated shielding system (IBISS) allows for individually banded terminations inside the adapter housing together with an external, overall termination to provide significantly enhanced shielding, repairability, and ease of assembly.
  • Low-Profile Clicker. This clicker incorporates symmetrical stainless steel springs to provide the industry's most reliable self-locking, spin coupling. The use of this design assures a constant, evenly applied anti-rotation force and negates the possibility of jamming which can occur in designs that use non-metallic springs. ihis low-profile clicker meets the medium duty requirements of AS85049 and is now standard on all Electro Adapter anti-rotation spin couplings.

Designs for these products are also included in this catalog.

Note: Every effort has been made to provide accurate data in this catalog. However, dimensional and other design data should be confirmed before use as product enhancements are constantly being incorporated. Electro Adapter reserves the right to make changes in the catalog designs without notice. Any liability and warranty, expressed or implied, as to the quality, performance, or fitness for intended use are covered by Electro Adapter's Standard Terms and Conditions as specified in the purchase order.


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