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The following basic information is needed to configure and select the proper backshell:

  • Type and size of the interfacing connector
  • Size and shielding configuration of the interfacing cable
  • Atmospheric conditions (moisture, humidity, seawater exposure, etc.)
  • Electromagnetic shielding requirements (EMI/RFI, EMP, etc.)
  • Shock and vibration requirements (AS85049)
  • Physical space limitations
  • Cable exit path/restrictions
  • Diametrical/length restrictions
  • Strain relief requirements
  • Cable clamp/tie wrap
  • Band
  • Installation/repair considerations (spin coupling, wrench flats/knurls, safety wire, ease of shield termination assembly and disassembly, etc.)
  • Special service requirements (NBC decontamination, seal life, etc.)
  • Note: The connector accessory works together with the interfacing connector and cable as a system. Consideration should also be given to the coupled characteristics (galvanic compatibility, leak paths, etc.) of the integrated system.


Electro Adapter provides a wide variety of accessories, from simple strain relief clamps to sophisticated solutions for vibration, high EMI/RFI, excess moisture, and highly corrosive environments. The following basic procedure is provided to assist in selecting the most technologically compatible and cost efficient adapter.

Use the catalogue to find the type of adapter needed (circular backshell, rectangular backshell, bulkhead fitting, shorting can, connector saver, etc.).


  • Select the style of the adapter needed for the application. The style selected should be compatible with: Physical space limitations (straight, 90', 45', low profile, dual entry, etc.)
  • Sealing requirements (seal and gland configuration/material, shrink boot, etc.)
  • Strain relief requirements (cable clamp, tie wrap, band, etc.)
  • Shielding requirements (EMIIRFI, EMP)
  • If shielding is required, select the shield termination method that best supports the needed level of shielding, ease of assembly, and degree of repairabilty. Shielding methods allow for overall and/or individual terminations and encompass single or multiple rings, lamp-base threads, heat-shrink rings, radial compression springs, and single and double-banded terminations.
  • Determine and select the proper Electro Adapter connector code and/or order number for the connector being used. Standard connector codes/order numbers are identified in Table 1 of Standard Circular Accessories for standard circular accessories and on the applicable drawings for the other accessories. Full descriptions of all standard and non-standard connector codes indexed to the connector manufactures' part numbers and military specifications are located in the Engineering Support Data under Catalog by Category.
  • Determine and specify the cable entry for the cable diameter being used. This includes consideration for single or double-shielded cables for tight tolerance situations.
  • Confirm the standard materials for the accessory from Table IV, Standard Finishes and Materials, Engineering Support Data. Consult the factory or your local representative for special materials.

Table IV - Standard Finishes and Materials-see: Table IV

Select the proper finish for the accessory from Table IV, Standard Finishes and Materials. The finish selected should be compatible with the base material and expected environmental conditions.

Specify any modification codes or special requirements.

Consult the factory or your local representative to assist in selecting the proper accessory for your application.


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