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311 Backshell

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Looking for 311 Series Backshell?

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4800 series Lamp Base Thread backshell, EMI/RFI, circular, shrink boot adapter For MIL-DTL-38999 ser. III & IV & 5015 ser. 3400 Saddle bar clamp and 90 deg Split Shell options

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The Electro Adapter Series 4800 Adapter design is a fast and economical way to terminate an over-all shield to connector termination.

An EMI/RFI shield from a cable is secured between a male and female lamp base threads providing a shield termination joint. Strain relief is attained by only the shield. Strain relief saddle bar clamps are an option, available with Straight, 45°, 90° and 90° Split Shell Configurations. This clamp secures the shield and cable jacket to the circular backshell. Shrink boot attachments are available. Spin Coupling or Self-Locking Coupling.

From the earlier evolution of backshells this termination is designed to accept ‘Nut’ or an alternative ‘Clamp’.
The threaded rear nut allows for the use of an overall heat shrink boot and the clamp alternative (without the boot) gives strain relief clamping after the shield and cable are terminated. The use of a shrink boot does aid in moderate environmental protection for the connectors inboard side due to moisture inclusion. Later, Gland Seals were developed internal of the backshell itself to exclude moisture.

4800 Drawing

The product offered is developed and manufactured by Electro Adapter, Inc. Please note that our products may not be an exact copy so certain details may be slightly different. Please refer to the Electro Adapter drawings available here for determination if our details will be in conflict with your applications.



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