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Electro Adapter Manufacturers Military and Mil Spec Connector Backshells in a banding backshell, spring termination backshell and molding adapters. Cable termination backshells can include cable strain relief clamps or gland seals if required. Backshell Adapters are available in many shapes and sizes to aid in cable termination. Cable shield sock terminations along with shield splice bushings make cable terminations quick and reliable. Shrink Boot backshells are selected for environmental benefits.

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All of our Designs originated from the military AS85049, M85049, 85049, MIL-DTL-85049, MIL-C-85049 Qualified Backshell specifications list and meet the same stringent requirements as the military specifications you will find here:

If we do not list the AS85049 number you seek. Let us know if you can use a Commercial version.

The product offered is developed and manufactured by Electro Adapter, Inc. Please note that our products may not be an exact copy so certain details may be slightly different. Please refer to the Electro Adapter drawings available here for determination if our details will be in conflict with your applications.